Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuit


Wholesome Indulgence – Pack of 2

Wholesome Indulgence – Pack of 2

Savour the rich blend of oats and chocolate in our Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits, a pack of two that offers a perfect balance of hearty wholesomeness and sweet indulgence. These biscuits are a delightful treat, crafted to bring joy to your taste buds while being mindful of dietary needs.

Key Ingredients:

  • Gluten-Free Oats: The heart of these biscuits, providing a robust, hearty texture and a wholesome feel.
  • Rice Flour: A gluten-free choice ensuring a perfect crumbly texture.
  • Vegetable Oils: Blended with a hint of salt, emulsifier, beta carotene, and vitamins A and D, contributing to the delicious taste and feel-good factor.
  • Sugar and Golden Syrup: Sweetness in just the right measure, offering a comforting, homely taste.
  • Bicarbonate of Soda: For the perfect rise and texture.
  • Chocolate Chips: Rich in cocoa mass and butter, with soya lecithins for smoothness, adding luxurious chocolatey bursts in every bite.


  • Natural and Nutritious: Made with all-natural ingredients, for a guilt-free treat.
  • Homemade Quality: Baked with care and precision, reminiscent of a warm, home kitchen.
  • Free From Common Allergens: Mindfully created without Wheat, Dairy, Eggs, and Nuts.
  • Perfect Pairing: Ideal with a cup of tea or as a snack on the go.

A Treat for All Senses: At Polly’s Pantry, our Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits are more than just a treat; they’re an experience. Each bite is a celebration of flavour, texture, and the joy of eating well.

Get Your Pack Today: Delight in the rustic charm and delicious taste of Polly’s Pantry’s Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits. They’re not just biscuits; they’re a testament to our love for baking and our commitment to inclusive, delicious treats.


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